Why Fund Your Purpose & Mannatech?

Fund Your Purpose provides nutritional and financial solutions that improve the lives of our business partners and make the world a better place by addressing worldwide hunger. Mannatech has dedicated more than two decades and more than $50 million in research and development to become the most complete global wellness solution in more than 24 countries.

“Glycomics, The Study of Sugars in the body… “If you don’t have glycosylation, you don’t have life.” “…the medical potential is absolutely enormous.”MIT MAGAZINE OF INNOVATION, FEBRUARY 2003


Mannatech’s partners are passionately committed to link five million consumers with five million severely malnourished children worldwide through the M5M initiative. The Mannatech system works because we believe we provide superior groundbreaking nutritional products and the system benefits children around the world and provides a superior sustainable business revenue stream for individuals and organizations. Food producers have synthetically adulterated food, removing the natural nutrients our bodies need to function at peak levels. Boost your digestive and immune systems, as well as your brain function with glyconutrients—the foundation of Mannatech’s products.
“Mission 5 Million”
How You Can Be Healthier
Nourish Children Worldwide
Build Healthier Communities
Through Social Entrepreneurship
Real Food Technologies
Funding For Individuals & Organizations:Create A Sustainable Income Source
A Long-lasting Fundraiser






When you nourish yourself, you help an undernourished children get the
nutritional support they deserve

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“This is going to be the future, declares biochemist Gerald Hart of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. We won’t understand immunology, neurology, developmental biology or disease until we get a handle on glycobiology.”
New Scientist, “ Sweetness and Might: Awesome power of the glycome” October 26, 2002, p.34
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