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3 Point Plan


Mannatech’s Three Point Plan

During MannaQuest 2014, Associates learned a lot about the new Three Point PlanThe Plan was expertly presented by Bo Short, Vintzent and Yolande van der Linde, JP Koster and Bob Adam.

In a nutshell, the Three Point Plan revolves around you, group structure and group relations … and how these three interact. It begins with a foundation – your personal belief system. To have a good system, you need a good foundation.

3 Point Plan


Vintzent van der Linde talked about:

  • Power of Unity — Everything is done better together. The more people who embrace your beliefs, the more you walk in unity and the more powerful the system is. There is no power until there are two. Unity creates harmony, harmony creates productivity.
  • Power of the Spoken Word — Words have long-lasting impact. Speak your future into existence. What is the story you are selling yourself, about yourself? Use words powerfully, positively  – both into your life and into the lives of your teammates.
  • Power of Submission — Whoever would be a leader must learn to be a servant. Trust the wisdom of the system.

He also discussed the How-to’s of the Plan.

  • Group Structure — It’s all about leveraging added volume to make the maximum contribution to each member of the team. New people see immediate growth from the team and not just by themselves. There is tremendous team development across the board.
  • Me — Develop yourself to be a leader. The size of your business will only be as big as yourself. From a brand new person, to a list of items that themselves and their leader agrees on, to becoming an expert in leadership development.
  • Group Relations — This is about intentionally and purposefully mentoring your leaders. Call them two times a week. Every week, support them in meetings. Develop at least three leaders in each leg. Know your leaders and take an active interest in them.

It’s all about people. You need a scientific validation because people aren’t going to buy a good story anymore. It’s all about getting in front of a thousand people … that’s four people a week. Mannatech is too great not to share it with four people a week. Build trust before you dive into the business plan. We have a disruptive technology with a lot of scientific validation. Make people aware of that!

Further support your business by:

  • Using the Daily Action Tracker
  • Using the organizational chart
  • Learning how to sign people up and how to use Success Tracker
  • Using the counseling sheet every month
  • Knowing the definitions of Achiever, Double Achiever and Super Achiever

Stay tuned for more information on the Plan that can change your business and relationships.

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