How It Works

How It Works






4Free Discount Program

The 4Free Discount Program is about sharing it forward. Help others make a healthy lifestyle change by giving their bodies nutrients from nature. The cycle of benefit continues when you receive your products for free.

4 Easy Steps to Free—You’ll be a natural!


  • Become a Mannatech Sponsoring Member by putting NutriVerus™ powder on Automatic Order. Mannatech has no minimum purchase.
  • Share the product with friends and family by introducing them to the Mannatech Member program.
  • As a Sponsoring Member, you will receive discount credits toward your next monthly Automatic Order when your friends and family become Members or make a one-time purchase.
  • Each month, you will receive a 25% discount credit from every product purchased the previous month by those you have helped. When your credits exceed your monthly Automatic Order total, you get your products for free!†

For details, reference the 4Free Member Discount Program Business Rules in our Resource Library.






The time has come to join the Real Food Revolution. More than a million people have experienced an
Extreme Food Makeover with Mannatech. It’s easy to sign up and achieve better health, save money and
help children in need—all through enhancing your diet. NutriVerus powder is a powerful
nutritional product made from real food sources. Selling Mannatech is your opportunity to
supplement or earn an income, while automatically nourishing a child in need.

Who Are You?

PERSON 1 – Start your Extreme Food Makeover. Get nutrition from real food sources,
the way your body wants it. Do you want to lose weight and have more energy?
Set your goals and select your product. Adding NutriVerus to your routine—for as little as $2 a day
—can help achieve a healthier, happier, more confident and energetic you.
PERSON 2 – Help others start their Extreme Food Makeover, and get your Mannatech products
at a discount. The more people you share Mannatech with, the less you will pay for your products.
You can receive a 25% credit on your next order, or ultimately get your products for free.
Hosting an Extreme Food Makeover gathering is a fun and easy way to share better health.
Mannatech provides all of the tools to build your own website.
PERSON 3 – Join our cause and champion the Real Food Revolution.
Use Mannatech’s Extreme Food Makeover as a springboard to boost your lifestyle.
Every order automatically triggers the shipment of an equal amount of
Mannatech products to a child in need.

Thousands of people throughout the world are earning an impressive income with Mannatech.
You can bring in hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, or set your sights on serious income.
Mannatech represents an opportunity to radically change your life while changing the world.

It’s easy to get started, and there is no risk:

How Do I Get Started?

3 Easy Ways To Get Started

Earning Income With Mannatech

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