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Structures & Functions of the Human Body

Roy Thureson’s Notes from Dr. Nugent’s Business & Product Training at Mannatech’s Leadership Event 11-09-2014

1. Immune Function*
• Ambrotose with Manapol Powder
• ImmunoSTART®
• GI-ProBalance®
2. Heart Support
• Ambrotose Complex
• Omega-3 with D3
3. Circulatory Support*
• Ambrotose Complex or Advanced Ambrotose
• Omega-3 with D3
4. Brain Support*
• Ambrotose Complex or Advanced Ambrotose
• Omega-3 with D3
5. Eye Support*
• Ambrotose Complex or Advanced Ambrotose
• CardioBALANCE (optimal circulation may support eye health)
• Phyt-Aloe ®
6. Joint Support*
• Ambrotose Complex
• BounceBack®
• Omega-3 with D3
7. Digestive Support*
• Ambrotose, Complex or Advanced Ambrotose
• GI-Zyme®
• GI-ProBalance
8. Bowel Support*
• Ambrotose Complex
• BounceBack
• Omega-3 with D3
9. Energy Support*
• Ambrotose Complex or Advanced Ambrotose
10. Quick Energy*
• AmbroStart
11. Blood Sugar Support*
• Ambrotose Complex or Advanced Ambrotose
• Catalyst or PhytoMatrix
12. Sports – Pre-Workout
• Ambrotose Complex
• AmbroStart
• EM∙PACT (20 Minutes Before and Sip Through Activity)
13. Sports – During Workout for Stamina and Circulation*
• Ambrotose Complex
• CardioBALANCE (Muscle Support*, Stamina and Circulation*)
• EM∙PACT (Stamina)*
14. Sports – Post Workout for Recovery*
• BounceBack (Recovery)*
• Omega-3 with D3 (Recovery and Circulation)*
• SPORT (Recovery)*
15. Fat Loss*
• OsoLean Powder
• Omega-3 with D3
• Catalyst or PhytoMatrix
o Plus may also be helpful
o Low glycemic diet for everyone. (Follow diet correctly to succeed.)
o Weekly diet support and coaching meetings
16. Accelerated Fat Loss*^
• OsoLean Powder
• Omega-3 with D3
• GlycoSlim® Meal Replacement Drink
o Go as close to zero glycemic as possible for 7 days and use GlycoSlim as a meal
replacement once daily as directed.
17. Fat Loss and Fitness*^
• OsoLean Powder
• Omega-3 with D3
• GlycoSlim Drink
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is
not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
^ When combined with proper diet and exercise.

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