Nutrition for Everyone

The Problems

The Shocking Truth About Food

The current generation of children is the first in recorded history expected to have SHORTER lifespans than their parents. Today’s children are plagued by maladies resulting from a food supply glutted with empty calories and tainted ingredients.

Industry FoodBusters

Learn how food producers driven by profit are hurting consumers. Corporations have spent decades altering our food stuffs, removing essential nutrients and marketing products that are of little nutritional value, and even damaging the health of consumers.

About 95% of supplements are SYNTHETIC.
Compare the ingredient labels of your food and supplements in your cupboards to the table below to identify the synthetics you are putting into your body.

How Real Are Your Vitamins?

Synthetic vs. Real Food Sourced

To learn more about Real Food Technology Solutions watch the Dr. Nugent
Product Focus: PhytoMatrix® video

The Solution

The Real Food Revolution – Mannatech’s NutriVerus powder provides nutrition from real food and plant sources. Don’t settle for synthetic vitamins made from fossil fuels or minerals from ground up rocks. Give your body vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and glyconutrients from nature. With Mannatech’s M5M program, you can help nourish a child in need while maximizing your own health.

Children’s Nutrition


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