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Social Entrepreneurship combines the cash flow and disruptive technology of a for-profit company with the heart, passion and mission of a not-for-profit entity to create sustainable approaches to the world’s biggest problems. Mannatech has created a new hybrid model of social entrepreneurship that provides anyone who chooses to help champion our M5M™ vision with the unique opportunity to change their lives by helping us change the world. Champions are rewarded for helping us link consumers to the needs of the world’s vulnerable children, and for helping to build teams of Champions who are willing to do the same.

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Mission 5 Million


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The global economy no longer meets the financial needs of non-profit groups. Nic Frances, author of “The End of Charity,” writes that non-profit organizations can achieve fundamental, lasting changes only if they can create sustainable funding through the structure and dynamics of markets and social enterprise. Finding themselves on shifting sands, organizations that have previously relied on the charity model must adopt a complete philosophical shift to remain viable in the 21st century.

The Dr. Ben Carson video above presents a new model of Social Entrepreneurship and shows how Mannatech/MannaRelief can achieve sustainable non-profit funding for your organization.


Learn more by watching the Non-Profit & Ministry Fundraising at God DAY EVENT video. A Marketplace Ministry Fundraising Revolution is presented to non-profit groups and pastors from all over the world, including C. Peter Wagner, John Eckhardt, Matt Sorger, Joan Hunter, Dr. Mark Chironna, Steven Strader, Julian Cervantes, and Drs. Michael & Samantha Phillips.

To get started now please fill out the non-profit form to the right and email it back to HealthWithCamil@yahoo.com

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