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How Real Are Your Supplements?

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Our bodies were designed to receive nutrients from nature. Unfortunately, most modern diets are packed with unhealthful fats and processed carbohydrates, with lots of salts and sugars.

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Often we don’t choose what’s best for our bodies. Even when we think we’re eating healthfully, we often learn that there are additives in our foods. So, we’re left with a nutritional “void” in our diets.

“Ninety percent of the money Americans spend on food is used to buy processed food.” Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation.

Did you know that 95% of all vitamin and mineral supplements are synthetic? That means they are made from rocks and petroleum products (fossil fuels). Foods that are enriched with iron actually contain finely ground up iron metals.

In the end, our nutrition is compromised, and we are often left feeling more tired and run down than we can afford to be, and in risk of compromised health. It’s important to give your body the nutrients it needs and wants. Today, more people are purposely seeking to fill this gap with a diet rich in natural, whole-food nutrients to feel healthier and happier.

How Real Is Your Vitamin?


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