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The Science of Nutritional Glycobiology

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“Glycans play roles in almost every biological process and are involved in every major disease.”
National Academy of Sciences “Transforming Glycoscience: A Roadmap for the Future” October, 2012
Cell surface sugar structures called glycoproteins are necessary for the proper recognition and functioning of many cells. When sugars are missing from the glycoprotein structures, cells cannot function normally. Immune system cells read the cell surface sugar structures on other cells to determine if they’re healthy, need repair or should be destroyed. Likewise, when sugars are missing from glycoproteins on cells, immune system cells may not know whether to ignore, protect or attack them.

Ambrotose complex is the first dietary supplement to combine a standardized blend of plant-sourced glyconutrients. More than 45 patents worldwide have been issued on this breakthrough discovery in health.


Dr. Steve Nugent talks about Ambrotose® — the world’s first glyconutrient dietary supplement.

He explains the benefits of this supplement, how it differs from vitamins and minerals, and how it works within our bodies.

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