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Trading Strategy

Pivot Point Trading Strategy

Pivot Point Trading StrategyHere we are going to look at a simple pivot point trading strategy¬† which anyone can use, to make big Forex gains and even better, its easy to understand and takes very little time to apply – just 30 minutes a day is all you need. Let’s take a look at the trading strategy in more detail.
This method is based on the logic that every big trend starts and continues in the same way and if you look at a chart, you will see trends start by breaking through an overhead resistance level and making a new high. As a trend evolves and matures, it continues to break resistance levels and trading these breaks, can make you big Forex profits.

Pivot Point Trading Strategy Ideal

When you are trading a break of overhead resistance, you are pivot point trading strategy when the odds are at there best and a continuation of the trend in the direction of the breakout is likely. You don’t need to guess what the market will do or predict anything, you simply wait for price action to confirm the move.

Not all breakouts continue of course and you get many which are “false” which breakout and then immediately reverse so you need to be patient and trade the right breakouts

Three Golden Rules

1. The more times a level has been tested and help before the breakout occurs the better the odds of the breakout continuing once the break finally does occur. As a general rule, look to trade breaks after the level has been tested at least 4 times, before it finally gives way.

2.The spacing in terms of time between the tests of resistance is also important and the longer the time period between tests the better. I would look for at least a month between two of the tests, before deciding to trade a breakout.

3. Another great indication of whether a breakout will be good one is to look at the news. If the news is bearish and a strong breakout occurs, chances are it will continue. The reason for this is obvious – 95% of fOREX traders lose – so if everyone else is looking for the currency to go down when it breaks up, chances are the break will continue.

The above is a simple and very effective, way to trade Forex and it will always be effective as long as Forex markets trend. If you want a simple pivot point trading strategy which only takes 30 minutes a day and makes big profits then, you should consider trading breakouts.…

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Business Income

What is Business Income with Extra Expense

Business Income with Extra ExpenseA home business income opportunity is a great way to earn a full-time living from the comfort of your own home. The benefits of a home business are huge, especially compared to the traditional job. We have followed a simple business plan to build our own online business. By setting aside some time each week you will be able to do the same and could build yourself an business income with extra expense for life.

Business Income with Extra Expense

There are a lot of negative people who will try to dissuade you from starting your own business. They will tell you things such as, no one can make any money online. It is best to avoid negative people, or just do not let them know what you are doing. When you start making money they will be the first ones knocking on your door asking how did you do that. Many people use a home business income with extra expense opportunity as a second income, however when set up correctly a home business income opportunity can easily exceed the salary of a full-time job. Another great thing about this type of business is once it is setup and running it requires very little upkeep.

This will allow you more free time for your family and friends.
It is not unusual to find people with a home business income that is in excess of a five figure salary per month. It does not take much to realise that these people are near the top end of the highest earners in most countries business income

Home Business Income Opportunity

These include people like teenagers, housewives, pensioners, and people from all walks of life. Everyone has an equal opportunity to be successful with a home business. When looking for a home business income opportunity it is usually best to look for something that you enjoy doing or have a real passion for. The most lucrative markets for a home business are lifestyles, making money and health. However you are not limited to these markets. If you have a niche that you are particularly interested in this can provide you with a very lucrative income.

Niche markets are extremely lucrative because you have a specific target market, and the people in these markets will always be looking for good products and services. You can provide these products and services with digital products or physical products, or a combination of both. Niche markets are a great way to build a really good home business income opportunity.

You can totally dominate your market by building your own specific niche. We earn our living online by promoting digital products and services. You can do the same to build your own home business income with your own specific niche. Digital books now outsell traditional books; this is a real growth industry that grows larger every day. And the amount of digital information that you can supply for your niche is almost limitless. From this you should now be able to see that this is a huge market place and that everyone starting a home business has a great chance of success.

Due to the very low start-up and running costs, a home business business income with extra expense opportunity is probably the cheapest and easiest way to have your own lucrative online business.…

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Trading Strategy

Bollinger Bandit Trading Strategy

Bollinger Bandit Trading StrategyIn this article, we will outline a simple and profitable bollinger bandit trading strategy which is easy to understand and learn and can be used by anyone to seek big Forex profits. Let’s take a look at the strategy and how it works in greater detail.

Profitable Bollinger Bandit Trading Strategy

If look at currency trading charts you will often see short accelerated price moves away from the main trend and these are caused by greed in a bull market and fear in a bear market. These spikes though are short lived and prices soon return back to more realistic values. Our strategy is a swing bollinger bandit trading strategy which will take advantage of these price spikes and turn them into profits – so how do we trade these price spikes?

Focus On the Bullish Market

  • Look at you charts and wait for a steep rise in price away from the main trend and then you need to look to sell into it but timing is of course critical – so to time your entry, you need to do two things – check how overbought the market is and then, you need to generate your trading signal so lets look at how to do this.
  • If you want to find out how overbought a market is, you can use some momentum oscillators and while there are many you can use, three of the best are the MACD, the stochastic and the RSI. By just looking at them you can see how overbought the market is and if it is overbought, you need to generate a trading signal and this is easy to do if you look for divergence.
  • If a market is trending strongly both prices will be rising and so will momentum but when prices go to far to quickly, they will eventually correct and the way to get an advance warning of this is to look for momentum to turn down as prices continue to carry on rising. This is known as divergence and you can then trade short.
  • You put your stop above the price high and set a downside target where you think prices will retrace back to and this is normally above a key level of support NOT at it. You never want to risk the price bouncing back against you so you get out a bit early and take your profit.

You Can Use to Make Huge Regular Trading Profits

While the above sounds a very simple bollinger bandit trading strategy it can make a lot of money and if you are selective and only trade markets which are at overbought extremes, you will have the odds on your side and can make big gains.

Swing trading is very easy to understand and because humans will always be subject to the emotions of greed and fear prices will always be pushed to far to fast to the upside or downside and if you learn how trade into these price spikes you can make huge regular profits.…