Forex Trading Robots – The Single Reason Why Most Lose Money and How to Find a Winning Bot!

Forex Trading Robots – The Single Reason Why Most Lose Money and How to Find a Winning Bot!

The vast majority of Forex robots lose money and there is a simple way to spot the ones which will lose, by just checking one key point. Most traders don’t bother checking it and they lose there money. Lets take a look at how to spot losing Forex robots and how to spot a winner.

If you were learning to drive a car, you would inspect your driving instructor to have passed a driving test and in Forex, if you buy a robot you would have expected it to make REAL money and see independent proof but most robot track records are not even real and they have never made any real money in the market; this is what you get:

Back tests over historical data knowing all the highs and lows and closing prices! How hard is it to make money knowing this data – its easy and vendors just bend systems to fit the data in hindsight and of course, when they don’t know the closing price in advance and the bot is traded for real the market destroys it.

You also get so called “live results” there not live and the other problem is the vendor gives them to you and your supposed to believe them, with no outside audit. A quick check around the forums reveals that, users are bemused their not getting the same results! Wonder why that is?

If you are buying a robot, you need to know its made real money and actually comes from a trader because most robots are made by computer programmers who have never traded. One such robot is the Turtle trading Robot which is based on the rules multi-millionaire trader Richard Dennis developed for a group of novice traders to use. These traders used the rules and made over a hundred million dollars with them. These rules are now contained in the Turtle trading robot.

This robot has another great advantage, not only has it made money but you can read the rules and the logic there based on before you buy, so you can decide if you think it will make money for you.

If you are interested in trading and want real performance,rather than made up track records based on back tests and unverified figures from the vendor, get the Turtle Trading robot and get on the road to long term trading success.