What Is 52 Week High Trading Strategy

52 Week High Trading Strategy
Do you know of the 52 week high trading strategy? Are you trading your long-term health, your dignity, and freedom for a short-term high? What are the advantages of this? What good will it do you?

52 Week High Trading Strategy

We only have one body and one mind with which to make it through life, and we can not afford to mess it up for a short-term high. The chance of negative effects on the body is like playing Russian roulette with your body. Take cocaine as an example, the high is derived from a spike in blood pressure elevated heart rate, and from the constriction of blood vessels simultaneously. If there is any weakness is your system, something in your system will pop! 52 week high trading strategy

Cocaine works directly on the brain. Cocaine usage elevates the release of dopamine and the brain feels depraved when those high levels are not felt. With cocaine working through the nerve cells of the brain, many different personalities develop, it is a stimulant and thus you become stimulated, and restlessness, irritability, and insomnia often develop. Your brain calls for the high again, and when you do it, it begins the highs and lows of cocaine use. The roller coaster addiction!
Not only is health a factor in cocaine addiction, the loss of dignity is a debilitating factor you have to overcome if you become addicted. Dignity is something gained over a period of time, and also something instantly lost when desires over ride common sense.

Are You Trading Health and Dignity for a Few Minutes of Cocaine High?

Your dignity can be regained, but only after getting clean and proving that you have the backbone and fortitude to do so. It is a proving process, you have to prove to family, friends and the world that you can master your situations. When you overcome an addiction, you will be a much stronger person because you can control your desires. 52 week high trading strategy

The short-term high is definitely not worth the long-term effects and the associated life trials which cocaine use can and will cause!