A Traders Mindset – Who Would Be The Better Trader?

A Traders Mindset – Who Would Be The Better Trader?

A Tale Of Two Mindsets

Chuck and Brad are both in the same class at Portland High. In most respects there is nothing between them: their grades are similar and both are equally talented ball players. Sally Parsons a new girl joins the class, she’s moved with her parents from another state. And at 16 she is that rare creature, someone who is intelligent, good looking and funny. She is popular with everyone including the teachers. Both boys are smitten. Each resolves to date her.

Chuck’s Story

Chuck has never dated a girl. It’s not something he ever talked about but it causes him a lot of grief and keeps him awake at night. It’s not something he can discuss with his parents, other adults or anyone else for that matter. He wants to take Sally out but worries that if he asks she might reject him. Maybe she’s already seeing someone: an older guy perhaps with a car perhaps and a job? Chuck noticed that she quickly made friends with Cass Nelson. He worries that if he asks her for a date she might not only turn him down but tell the other girls and they’ll laugh at him and it will get back to the other guys including that Brad who’s much more confident. He could ask her today but it’s Tuesday and even if she agrees and let’s face it, it’s unlikely, she has all week to change her mind. Maybe he should wait until nearer the weekend then ask her or maybe he should forget about the whole damn thing.

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Brad’s Story

Brad liked Sally the moment he first saw her. It wasn’t just her perfect teeth, clear complexion and raven hair more that she laughed easily and was friendly even with Jones the acne ridden class joke. Like Chuck, Brad had never dated a girl but unlike him he had a relaxed relationship with his parents. He told his mum about Sally and said that he wanted to take her out. “Take her to a film” his mother suggested. “But I don’t know what she likes.” Well you could try asking her or better still check out what on this Saturday so that you can offer her a choice. Brad went on the internet, jotted down a list of movies, read the blurb on each, boned up on star performers in each and made notes for the various nominations.

Brad also thought about the most suitable time to approach Sally and not only toyed with his opening remarks but role played it with his mum standing in for Sally and changed his approach in the light of her gentle but firm feedback.


1. Who do you think is likely to be more successful in getting a date with Sally Parsons and why?

2. Based on this information, who do you think is going to become a better market trader Chuck or Brad? Jot down your reasons.

You probably know who is more likely to be the better trader.

Are you more like Chuck or would it be Brad?

If you relate a little more to Chad, don’t be concerned. There are easy tools and techniques to change your mindset and become the one most likely to succeed in the stock market

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