Automated FX Trading Software – A System From a Trading Legend Which Has Made Millions in Profit!

Automated FX Trading Software – A System From a Trading Legend Which Has Made Millions in Profit!

If you are looking at buying automated FX trading software and you want to know the robot has made money, the rules were created by one of the most famous traders of all time and you can actually read the rules and logic the robot is based on before you buy then, you should consider the Turtle Trading Robot which we will look at in this article.

The Turtle trading robot gives you three benefits other robots simply cannot match and they are outlined below.

1. A Real Time Independently Verified Track Record

The robot get its name from the Turtle experiment where Richard Dennis set out to prove that even novices could make money with the right set of rules. He gathered a group of people who had never traded before together which included an actor, a lady accountant and a security guard and taught them the rules and why they worked. They were then given trading accounts and went on to make several hundred million dollars.

These exact rules are programmed into the Turtle trading robot and are from Richard Dennis.

2. You Can Look Up the Trader’s Background and See He is Respected in the Industry

Most robots don’t have a track which is verified by respected sources – you just get computer simulations going backwards or live results they give you with no check! The reason they have no gains is simple – the person who created the robot is not a trader, just a programmer employed by a marketing company.

Look them up and see for yourself – but look up Richard Dennis and you will find a respected multi million dollar trader and if you want a great interview check out the investment classic Market Wizards and you can read all about him and the Turtle experiment.

3. You Can Read the Rules and the Logic of the System Before You Buy it

Unlike other Forex robots, you can actually see the rules before you buy the system and also learn why they work and the money management of the system, so you can have confidence for when you come to trade it yourself.

The Turtle trading robot doesn’t give you fantasy profits in paper, it gives you a realistic figures based on verified gains made in the past which if you trade the system long term, will make you a great second income. so if you are looking at automated FX trading software, check it out and see the benefits for yourself.