Forex Megadroid – Exploring the Unique Features of Forex Megadroid Trading Robot

Forex Megadroid – Exploring the Unique Features of Forex Megadroid Trading Robot

Of course, there have been powerful forex trading robots before the creation of the Forex Megadroid robot. However, the arrival of this auto forex program brought improvement in certain features of some other auto trading systems that existed earlier. These unique features have brought a difference in the way forex is traded. Indeed, Albert Perrie and John Grace did a thorough job on the fashioning of this robot and have incorporated more effective technology into this software, so that auto forex trade does not rely on historical data alone.

The RCPTA Technology

Albert and John developed an entirely different and new approach to trading forex, factoring-in the powerful artificial intelligence based-technology known as the Reversed Correlated Time and Price Analysis (RCPTA). The integration of this state-of-the-art technology into forex Megadroid has immensely contributed to the high effectiveness of this forex trading robot in terms of accurate prediction and adaptability to the prevailing market condition. The RCPTA is the nucleus of the forex robot under review; this is the first time that a technology of this kind is incorporated into an automated trading system.

Adaptability Feature

Another feature in other forex robots that has been improved with the coming of the forex Megadroid is seen in trading method. Most of the trading software developed before now worked statically – this implied that they used just one static trading technique. In essence, these robots are programmed to work with just a particular market situation which is not an ideal technique for a constantly changing trading environment. However, the forex robot under review has improved on this feature by being able to adapt to any market condition to execute trade. It has the ability to predict the market trend in every 2 – 4 hours and subsequently execute profitable trade. The information provided by this forex software is absolutely reliable and consistent.

To crown it all, forex Megadroid has been able to fulfill the rate of return proclaimed by its inventors, (even higher than the 95% that was stated)in the complete testing period; however some arguments given to this effect is that the testing period was not long enough to make a conclusion on the reliability of this product.

Forex Megadroid has indeed showcased unique features that might be rare to come by in an automated trading system. Read more about this unique trading expert advisor.