iForexReviews – Your Door to the Forex Trading World

Investing sounds so simple. Choose a broker, open an account, deposit. Three steps that lead to success. Well, the reality is a little bit different and each Forex trader knows that. If you already have some basic knowledge about trading, the first step for you to make is to choose the right broker. Trust me when I say, the Internet is full of newbies who are eager to gain your attention. But are they worth your time? The only way to know that is to spend a lot of time on research.


Once you begin with the research, there are a lot of things you should look for. Some of the most important ones are fast executions, reliable trading platforms, the safety of the funds, and account security. Bonuses, welcome offers, and attractive promotions are just a cherry on the cake.


The best way to see if a broker offers all of that is to check the website first and read other experiences after that. You need different opinions from the people who already have experience with that broker and the best way to see the impressions is to find a trusty website that contains Forex Brokers reviews. One of those websites is iForexReviews. People who stand behind the whole story make a deep study of every broker and turn that study into one in-depth review.

Important Things in a Forex Review


Before I explain why I choose to recommend iForexReviews, let’s go through some basic things each review should contain.


  • Security of personal data and funds


When someone is talking about a specific broker, it’s important to mention security. Before you even consider a broker, you should know if the funds and personal data are safe. Whether there is an SSL-encryption, for example, or Identity Verification. Also, is there a license? If a broker is not registered, you won’t be able to complain to regulatory institutions. So, when reading a review, I expect to see information like this.


  • What are the Terms and Conditions?


Let’s be honest, nobody likes to read Terms and Conditions and brokers know that very well. That’s why it is the most common thing to find hidden fees inside or any other type of fraud. Well, when someone is writing a review, it should include questionable things from the Terms and Conditions. If that part is skipped, the review is not complete.


  • How good are the trading conditions?


Lastly, I want to see everything about trading conditions. Yes, we can all go to the brokers’ website and see that. But once we compare those conditions with the ones that are written in the Terms, oftentimes you will find contradictory information. That’s why I think there should be a separate part in each review that reflects just to Accounts and Trading Conditions.


Of course, those are not the only things I like to see, just the most important ones. Apparently, iForexReviews provides all of that in their articles and that’s why I liked that website instantly. So, let’s see what else you can expect to see on this website.


iForexReviews Structure


I cannot explain how much I appreciate when someone sticks to a specific structure. After reading a few reviews, you will know exactly where to find certain things and navigation will be much easier. The structure of iForexReviews articles is definitely unique. Each segment is about different things and the experience is scored. So, you will know exactly in percentages how good that part is.



It all starts with Platform and Execution. You will have a big analysis of the platform that is used on the website, is it good, are there any problems, and so on. If there isn’t any problem, the score will be more than 80%, but if there is something, those people will tell you instantly. Apparently, they are able to see every little mistake.


The next part is the Withdrawal Speed. As the name itself says, after reading this paragraph you will know what your options are. Whether you can deposit using different methods or not and how long you will wait for the money. So, if something doesn’t sound good, you won’t waste a second of your time on that broker.


Support and Assistance is another segment you will find in each review. We all know how important it is to provide constant support. Especially if you are visiting the website for the first time. Problems and errors will occur, that is inevitable. You will need assistance regarding platforms or withdrawals at one point and if you cannot count on proper support, everything else is useless. That’s why there is a separate paragraph dedicated just for that. Honestly, each time I read someone is not able to give me the support I expect, I will just skip that broker and continue my research. There is plenty of fish in the sea, and you don’t have to waste time on someone who won’t respect you.


As the last part of each review, there is Education and Tools. Nothing can beat a good education and if you want to become better, you have to find a broker who will give you constant updates on the daily market as well as educational articles about trading in general. You will know whether eBooks, Asset Index or Glossary are implemented on the website and if they are, what is the quality. Now you see why I like their reviews, everything is nicely organized, it covers all those topics that I find important and helps people decide whether a broker is a good choice or not.


The Design of the Website


I left this for the end because I believe this is the less important part. Of course, I won’t stay on a website that is not optimized but speaking about visual appearance is a tricky thing. Each person has a different taste, therefore someone may not like the landing page, while others can be thrilled.


As far as I am concerned, iForexReviews has an excellent landing page. You can navigate through it easily, there is the main menu with all important pages such as Best Brokers, Forex Reviews, Crypto Reviews, etc. You won’t spend much time trying to find things, since everything is organized. And that is another reason I would recommend them to you.


One other thing that I find useful is that this website for Forex reviews also has a part with educational articles. So, if you want to know more about how to choose the right broker or how to trade with a small account, you can learn that as well.




Oftentimes, Forex reviews can be deceitful. That’s why you should find a trustworthy website that provides honest reviews that have great value. After all, the only thing each trader wants is a broker who can be trusted. If you hand your money to someone, the least you expect is to have a feeling of safety. And that’s exactly what you will find out at iForexReviews.