Selecting The Right Fence Material

No matter what type of fence you are looking to erect, having the right material is the most important aspect aside from its location. With that, we’ve listed some of the most used fence material today.


The Traditional Wood


Being such a classic and attractive piece of material has allowed wood to remain the “go to” material for every fencing project. The cost of wood is also known to be inexpensive as compared to other fencing material. Popular wood options include redwood and cedar and can be checked out on and are able to last for long periods of time and are very tough.


If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, then adding bamboo will work great due to its rapid growth. Another type includes wood that has been pressure-treated and provides extra strength and easily repels insects and wood rot.


The good thing is that a wooden fence is able to withstand the years as long as you maintain them properly.


A Metal Fencing


Many metal fence designs exist and are all popular as well. A few of these include chain link, wrought iron, and aluminum fencing. Regardless, fencing made from metal is able to provide its own specific feel that easily provides a nice touch to any yard. The plus is that a metal fence is cheap to install and is able to close-in an area without hiding anything. Just like wooden fences, a metal fence also has the potential to last for decades if they are maintained properly.

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The Composite Fence


Composite fence material consists of a combination of plastic and other wood fibers. Their appearance is similar to wood but has an extra strength due to the plastic. Composite material is able to maintain its shape and easily resists critter infestations. Composite prices and quality are not the same for all composite types, so knowing what you really need is important.


Fencing with PVC


The great thing with PVC is that it is cost effective and can be implemented in various parts of a fence. Besides being able to decrease your overall cost, PVC is also able to reinforce the strength of your fence.


Vinyl Fence Material


The use of vinyl fence material has been shown to be very successful. Keep in mind that it is not cheap, so if you don’t mind the price then you will be able to enjoy this fencing material. It’s nice knowing that it’s stronger than wood as well as having no need for maintenance.


Masonry Fence Material


Although masonry is not considered a true “fencing material” it still has potential in a supportive role as a wall. With the use of stone, stucco, concrete, block, and brick they are able to last for hundreds of years as long as they are maintained. Masonry material is also going to cost you a little more than normal but this could be a small price to pay for the amount of time that they last.


Various Styles of Fences


With so many types of material available for creating a fence, there are also many styles of fences that you can design with those materials. Because of their different surroundings we’ve listed a couple of styles that are the most utilized.

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For Privacy


This style is common if you want to prevent anything from viewing the inside of a yard. It is extremely effective and provides an ample amount of privacy.


A Lattice


The lattice style is also able to provide privacy but it does allow a tiny amount of view through the lattice design. The lattice also gives a unique style that is not often seen in fencing.


When it comes to installing a fence it does not have to be a difficult job when you know what materials are able to be used. However, if you feel like you need more information from a professional, then get a hold of an installer at today and they’ll walk you through the entire fencing process.