The Truth About Freebie Websites – Are The Owners For Real?

The Truth About Freebie Websites – Are The Owners For Real?

Most people are very skeptical about freebie websites. I don’t blame them. Getting something for nothing. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well here’s the truth about these sites that claim you can get gifts for free.

I can say that these websites are true to their word. I myself, am signed up to many of them. The way that the system works is that they get paid by advertisers from hosting offers on the website. They receive money from people signing up and completing those offers, which is where you come in.

All freebie sites have a slightly different system. Most of them let you complete surveys to collect points, which you can then exchange for prizes. However others require you to complete one offer, then you can refer other people to exchange for cash or prizes. the most interesting system I have seen, involves surveys, but you can bet your points and play games against other users. For example, on one game you have to do 4 laps around a track in the quickest time possible. If you get a faster time than your opponent, you get some prize money. If you lose, you lost the points you staked to be able to play.

You get paid, the website owners get paid and businesses get advertisement and potential customers. I don’t participate as much as I used to, but I have made good money in the past as a member. Believe me, it really wasn’t hard. People think that they are going to just take your information. Either that or some people think that their just rich and giving out these things for free. When all it really is, is that the owners of the websites have sponsors. these could be any type of sponsors, but the sponsors produce surveys, offers, etc for you to fill out, as advertisements, to get more attention drawn to their company. The website owners get paid for hosting and getting people to participate and as their way of saying thank you, they give some of this money to you.

It is definitely something worth checking out if you like getting stuff without doing much work. The best freebie program I have seen pays A�20 for every referral that you send to the site who signs up and completes an offer. you get the choice, you can receive A�20 towards a gift of your choice (anything sold by Amazon), or you can receive A�17 cash through PayPal. Even if you just asked a few of your friends to sign up, it would be a worth your while.